Sam’s Platform

Sam Slom is a proven leader and reliable representative of Senate District 9, never losing focus on his community. During his five terms as a State Senator, he used his vast experience in small business, banking, tax and finance, and business education to further the interests of his constituents. With an always-open door, he never let a voter’s concerns go unheard or unaddressed. 

While the current incumbent is young and capable, knowing how to get elected hasn’t translated into real results for our community. Sam’s opponent doesn’t appreciate how to serve and represent the interests of district 9 and is difficult to reach by concerned voters, making him out of touch with the needs of the community. Meanwhile, Sam Slom has never stopped his engagement with and commitment to the hard-working men and women of district 9. You can trust Sam to be a steadfast advocate for families and businesses for years to come.

Make Sam Your Voice in the State Senate!

I believe in letting you know what I believe and how I plan to represent YOUR interests. Here are just a few of my positions and ideas. I invite you to share your questions, concerns, and passions with me at (808) 349-5438.

Job Creation

I want to reopen the economy, rebuild our businesses, and restore jobs in order to support our community’s recovery. My businesses background can make this a reality.

The Rail

I stand firmly against continuing the over-budget, behind-schedule, and never-ending Rail project, the single biggest public works project in Hawaiʻi’s history!

Family Economic Sustainability

I have seen as things have gotten worse rather than better, and I know that we need more jobs and stronger businesses to sustain our families in Hawaiʻi.

Maunakea and TMT

I believe that while we must improve UH’s management of Mauna Kea and maintain and improve Native rights, TMT is an important part of diversifying our economy.

Lowering the Cost of Living

I have voted against every proposed tax increase during my time in the senate. I want you to have more money in your pocket!

Affordable Housing

I know that affordable housing has long been a problem in our state. Government is not the answer. We have to fix the permitting processes and simplify zoning procedures.

The Jones Act

I recognize that the Jones Act has hurt our businesses and increased our cost of living. I believe that we should revise or repeal it immediately.


I know that homelessness is not the source, but rather the symptom of many causes. I believe that we need innovative solutions, not just more spending.