Job Creation

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Sam’s Take

I want folks to get back to work! Due to Covid-19 and the unemployment situation, I will offer incentives to get people up and running again. I am opposed to current legislation that would give state workers a $150 million pay increase, while more than 200,000 Hawaiʻi residents have been unemployed since March. “Win-win” is my motto with more employees, better educated employees, higher pay, and more opportunities for all people in Hawaiʻi. Incentives, tax changes, and regulatory changes have been done in Hawaiʻi before. We will re-prioritize government efforts to help business and employment. Nearly every national ranking in the past decade has ranked Hawaiʻi at the bottom of the list for employment, a place to do business, and future opportunities. We can change that with a pro-employment attitude by legislating structural changes in our tax and regulatory systems.

I have deep roots in business, with experience that includes banking, tax policy, operating his own small business, as well as advocating for all small businesses in the state. Being a retired Bank of Hawaiʻi Chief Economist, assistant director of the tax foundation of Hawaiʻi, and advocating and providing meaningful incentives for Hawaiʻi’s small businesses through Lex Brodie’s small business association, I have shown that I am passionate about building Hawaiʻi’s economy by focusing on bolstering small businesses here in Hawaiʻi, the heart of any strong economy.

By the way, I strenuously oppose legislators’ (including the current incumbent’s) approval of a $150 million pay increase for the states working public employees while more than 200,000 island residents have been and continue to be unemployed.

” I am passionate about bolstering small businesses here in Hawaiʻi, the heart of any strong economy.”