General Statement 2020
This is an important election year. The future direction of our nation and our state are at stake. Across the country and here in Hawaii many decisions are being made by those lacking any business or financial expertise. It is important to ask all candidates their position on critical issues. So do your research and continue to have conversations about politics. It is important that we encourages different voices and different points of views on various issues to make it easier for you to choose the right policy and the right candidate. Sam humbly asks you to consider voting for him in this years election.

Aloha & Mahalo

Sam Slom

Mail-in Ballots
This is the first year that Hawaii will be using state wide un-tested mail-in ballots. Sam personally thinks this is a mistake and opens the door to voter fraud and error in ballot tabulation and accountability. New Jersey is a great example of what we do not want to happen. While in the Senate Sam voted against every mail-in ballot proposal.