Mission Statement

He’s back and he knows Hawaii’s business and Economy. Sam has meaningful solutions for job creation, family economic sustainability, and how to lower Hawaii’s cost of living.




With a clear and transparent record of voting and past legislative experience making it easy to contact him and ask questions.

About Senator Sam Slom

Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sam Slom chose to come to Hawai`i in 1960, a year after it became the 50th state. He attended the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, obtaining a B.A degree in Government and Economics and completed a law degree through the Dickinson School of Law and Lasalle Law School. Afterward, he went on to work for the Tax foundation of Hawaii, ultimately becoming its Executive director. Sam then began a career at Bank of Hawaii, working his way up to Chief Economist, before leaving to start his own business. At the same time, he was an assistant professor and instructor at Hawaii Pacific University. He also started a small business economic firm known as SMS consultants. For 30 years, Sam was Hawai`i’s top Small Business Advocate, heading up Lex Brodie’s Small Business Hawai`i organization. 

Sam Slom has done regular media programming in radio and television, and has contributed articles to national economic and political publications. A winner of numerous awards, he is a recipient of top awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration, Hawai`i Pacific University, and a Distinguished Lifetime Award from the University of Hawai`i. 

Senator Sam has been active in his community among various business, economic, environmental, and charitable organizations. Sam is the father of four adult sons and has two grandsons.  Senator Sam Slom first ran for office in 1996 and was elected to the Hawaii State Senate. During his 20 years representing District IX, he held the esteemed position of Minority Leader and served as a member of every (16) Senate committee. He was reelected five times. 

As a current and long time resident of Hawai`i Kai, you’ve probably seen Sam at Longs, Zippy’s, and at neighborhood board meetings. He’s accessible, which means that he will ALWAYS answer and return phone calls, and will be glad to meet you and answer any question you might have or listen to any of your suggestions. Sam is passionate about the community issues you see here on this site. On November 3, 2020, please cast your vote to re-elect Senator Sam Slom to represent you in the Hawai`i State Senate. Senate Distric XI includes Hawaii Kai, Niu Valley, Aina Haina, Waialae Kahala, Diamondhead.

Questions & Suggestions

If you have any question or suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us a message or even call .

Contact Senator Sam Slom



6594 Hawaii Kai Dr,
Honolulu, Hi 96825

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